gallery TEO

Sat. 18 July - Sat. 1 August 2009
Sat. 5 September - Sat. 19 September 2009
Naoto Kumagai
"p d"

"a tree" 2009 oil, acrylic on canvas 120.5×125.5cm

Gallery Teo is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Naoto Kumagai "p d" in July and September. Choosing plants as a main motif, Kumagai has been pursuing his original expression through their shape, color, taste and existence.

"Recently, "existence", in other words, "aura" or "texture" of plants interests me more than their figure". I want to make an existence of my artworks as plants themselves."

This naoto kumagai exhibition "p d" exhibits paintings("p") in July and drawings("d") in September. It is the first time for him to exhibit his drawings publicly. Contrary to the paintings, which appeals unique existence with plants as a simple motif, his drawings are more live and experimental with various motifs, technique and medias.

We sincealy hope that these successive exhibitions, "p" and "d", open the way to find the new aspect of his expression. Another solo exhibition is planned next year at Tokyo Opera City, Shinjuku.

Opening reception is on Saturday 18 July, from 18:00 to 20:00 with attendance of the artist himself. You are more than welcome to attend the reception with accompanies.

exhibition "d" 5 - 19 Sep. 2009
drawings 1999-2009