gallery TEO

Fri. 27 Feb - Sat. 28 Mar 2009
Hiroki Yasutomi

"make up for the night - 1" 2008 pencil on paper 65x80cm

Hiroki Yasutomi was born in 1978, at Kagawa, Japan.
He draws sofas in public spaces or poring water from a tap as
the theme of "night" or "silence", and these w orks appears as a
monochrome photograph. He uses simple materials - pencils
and paper and draws with a highly sophisticated "hatching"
technique which Leonardo da Vinci used in old times -
covering with millions of layered lines.

In this exhibition,his new works will be shown and sold in
addition to the ones were shown in his solo exhibition at Nagi
Museum of Contemporary Art last year. His works has gained
much attention and Hong Kong Sotheby's use one of his works
for PR image of its Asia Contemporary auction in comming April.

Open: Fri. 27 February to Sat. 28 March, 2009
Opening Party: Fri. 27 February 6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. with
attendance of the artist himself.
You are more than welcome to attend with accompanies.