gallery TEO

Sat. 27 Sep - Sat. 11 Oct 2008
the seven young mexican artists

Gallery Teo is pleased to announce the group exhibition “fragmentation”is cooperated with Embassy of Mexico in Japan and Galeria Enrique Guerrero.

Mexico is always changing. There is a long intensive history, Maya and Aztec civilization in the old time, and Spanish domination and fighting for their independence, transition from dictatorship to federal. And also they are known as the country which is the most often changed in the constitution. There is an expectation that GDP of Mexico will exceed the GDP of Japan after 50years. Their potential cannot be overestimated.

This exhibition curate by Mexican curator Lassla Esquivel features the work of seven young Mexican artists, who all share a certain inkling of and engagement in the "repetitive work of fragmentation and reconstruction" in their artistic pursuits.

Probably our life is repeating between fragmentation and reconstruction. We believe holding the status, but we sometimes break it out under the unconscious. Especially, the work of breaking is seemingly very simple, but it is very creative and profound.“Repetitive work of fragmentation and reconstruction” will always create something new, and this work is going to be a locomotive of changing Mexico.

Please come to see the primitively and energetic their talented art works that is presented by the seven young Mexican artists in the fragmentation

Santiago Borja
Manuel Cerda
Ruben Gutierrez
Pablo Helguera
Miguel Angel Madrigal
Quirarte y Ornelas
Ricardo Rendon