gallery TEO

Sat. 28 June - Sat. 26 July 2008

We will have the exhibition of two young artists who have just finished master courses in this spring.
 At the exhibition Room One, AKI INOMATA (b.1983) finished M.F.A. in Inter Media Art course, Tokyo University of the Arts (former Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music) in this March.
 Digitally-information flood around us and the digital line is almost become our primary communication tool instead of letters or “face-to-face”. We could say that the digitally controlled information = “virtual” is getting to be our reality =“real”. In the same time, we may lose the sense of feeling a real or get decreasing sensitivity for enjoying a real by being get used to be “virtually input”. INOMATA keeps working for high-quality installations, and she has believed that showing through “the digitally controlled virtually expression” gives more real or re-realize “the ordinal natural phenomenon”, such as enjoying a wake, wiping a bedewing on a windshield and walking on the snow…
 Moreover, her own experience from Kara Jyuro’s stage also gave her big inspiration which is called “Shakkei” (means borrowed landscape) technique. Blending the artificial devise on the stage and the landscape behind the stage does not only make “a real” on the stage and also shows us more real of the nature.
 When you step in to her installation “0100101”, you may feel like standing on a surface of water and feel the virtual “wake”. The experience of her installation is more colorful and brighter than the real those things in the nature to me. I hope you relive this new awaking, and realize the “real” through the “virtual”.

 Aki Toiya (b.1980), at the exhibition Room Two, finished the MA, Fine Arts Course, Musashino Art University. She has keep expressing a part of “the girlhood” which is like pattern of a skirt or braids by oil painting or sculpture. Toiya gives subjective expression to what she calls "crystals of memory" lying latent in each of us, things we have felt and registered as emotions, overlapping and intertwining with each other in complex ways.
 The biggest her painting of this exhibition, “twilight” (2.6m) represents the landscape from her memories, but I also could find same memories inside of me. The girl’s skirt on another painting “uta” (2m) multilaterally organized, and those each surface looks like absorbing and emitting the light. The sculpture, “bananas torso” which is made by stone dust clay represented the moment of the flitter mini skirt as the girl is swinging; looks like a new creature could come alive at any moment. Therefore, I feel that her works are very lyrical and naive, like Sofia Coppola’s movies.
 When I face to her works, I remember my own “crystal of the memories”, such as the pink colored lake I saw in Switzerland, or one day in a school life becomes a moment memory…
 I hope you will remember your own shiny “crystal of the memories” as face to her works

 Ai Kowada ? Director, Gallery Teo