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April,25 ? May,31 2008
Oscar Oiwa

Oscar Oiwa (born in 1965) is a painter who paints the paintings with the story and the social satire.
After the war, his parents immigrated to the Brazil and he was born there as a Nisei (a Brazilian of Japanese descent). He studied an architect, and got the knowledge about the city and the environment there.
The other hand, he was familiar with an Art since child hood, and he was getting close to the contemporary art through helping the San Paolo Biennale. He has started built a career as an artist since then. While in a collage, he held first his solo exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, and participated some group exhibitions include 21st San Paolo Biennale.
In 1991, he moved to Tokyo. His paintings have focused on the well know worlds, factories sent up the smoke, bunch of abrogated consume products, the old houses with filled up the soft natural light in a downtown…, with his original point of view.
After had stayed for 11years in Tokyo include the term stayed in London (1995-96), he moved to New York in 2002. He has energetically works there until today.
In the same time, there is held his exhibition “The Dreams of Sleeping World” at the Museum of the Contemporary Art Tokyo. Please check out that also.