gallery TEO

March,21 ? April,19 2008
Natsuko Taniguchi

The little girl in Natsuko Taniguchi’s (born in 1968) works is coming and going between a daydream and a real life.
Those girls refuse to become an adult but also refuse to stay being a child. They show up their “the HOLE” in a broad daylight, and they are just standing as “nothing” there in her paintings.
She prepared a surface on the plywood board and making a brush marks with brushes. She creates her own painting tool made by a tracing paper, which is shaped like a pastry bag. She is squeezing the paints from that cone and painting all dots and lines. She also uses a clear gel, flash color paints with glitters, and vanish over the surface for finishing. She wishes, “All the dots are beautifully flashing and the painting finally will be dazzlingly beautiful…. “, and keeps working for her painting with unbelievable concentration.
The paintings finally become big pieces with several meters height and width.
Natsuko Taniguchi said, “All the lines, dots, and colors come up as a light shine on the painting. When I see each of those elements is shining, I feel really happy.”
Her works theme is mainly a pedophilia and it gives us a big shock. However her paintings sublimate with brightly flashes. Please come to see her grate works.