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December,08 - 28 2007
Ayako Rokkaku
Rokkaku was born in 1982. She has won the Scout Prize at Geisai # 4 and the prestigious Akio Goto Prize at Geisai # 9. Rokkaku never attended art school. She started to paint in 2002 and has exhibited at many art fairs in Japan. Rokkaku has mastered her own painting technique. She applies the acrylic paint on the cardboard sheets with her bare hands. The adolescent children, the main subject in her work, are mostly illustrated from close-up. The long arms and big eyes are made in the style of Japanese Anime (Japanese for animation) which is emphasized by the use of bright colors and simple details. Rokkaku does not place the children in front of a background, which is not very obvious at a first glance since the figures are portrayed in various poses; sitting, running, lying. It is this innocent portrait of dynamic refrained from details that form the essence of Rokkaku's work. The power of her direct approach to the canvas is optimal manifested in her 'performance paintings' which she creates live at art fairs, as an audience of such a happening we get the chance to be part of her world.