gallery TEO

October,09 - December,07 2007
Jean-Pierre Raynaud
Born in Courbevoie, Hauts-de-Seine (FR) Jean-Pierre Raynaud studied at the Ecole National Superieure d´Horticulture in Versailles. In 1962, he began work that included the series "Sans Interdit." Raynaud often makes repeated use of the same motifs, such as a red pot. He is interested in issues of life and death, characterized in his use of white tiles. His own house is covered in white tiles. Raynaud participated in the Venice Biennales of 1976 and 1993, and in 1981 held a solo show at Hara Museum, where there is a permanent installation of his work. He also had a solo show at ATM Contemporary Art Gallery, Mito, in 1992. Recent works of Jean Pierre Raynaud is using all sorts of national flags. He produces the flags in various formats for installations. Raynaud personally, the French flag serves as a symbol from his childhood, when he was placed under the protection of the French state after his father had died as a result of a bombardment in 1943. He will show various flowerpot works at Gallery Teo and especially, he made a special flowerpot which were inspired by the Japanese flag after his works on French flag. There is a 5m high red flowerpot at Faret Tachikawa as the permanent collection in Japan and 5m high in gold is in front of the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The biggest pot is 6m high in gold has been just collect by Korean Museum in Busan last year. Also, we will show his recent flowerpot work in fluorescent colors and the biggest flowerpot we will show is 150 cm high.