gallery TEO

May,19 - June,29 2007
Philippe Cognee
Philippe Cognee is one of the most well known French painters today. Over the last fifteen years, he has been developing a unique oeuvre inspired by the most mundane aspects of reality. Using video and photography, he documents everyday life - crowds, libraries, supermarkets, skyscrapers - which serves as an inspiration for his strangely blurred, fading images on canvas. Mixing his pigments with wax, he melts the surface of the paintings with an iron, giving them a skin-like smoothness. Through these smudged, blurred, distorted views of the world, Philippe Cognee questions our modern condition as well as the nature of gaze and memory. His recent works have been exhibited at Art 37 Basel, Art Paris’07 and achieved brilliant results. Following the exhibition at Galerie Teo, plans the private exhibition in this August at the Korean gallery. Currently living and working in Nantes, teaching at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.