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Lee Bae


1956 Born in Cheong-do, Korea
1979 Hong-Ik University(MFA)
Currently lives and works in ParisBae

Hakgojae Gallery, Korea
ARCO(Hakgojae Gallery), Spain
RX Gallery, France
BU Gallery, France
Gawafune Gallery, Japan
FIAC(Ci-Gong Gallery), France
Jo-Hyun Gallery, Korea
National museum of contemporary art, Korea
Nature in Modern Art, National Museum of Natural History, France
Gana-Beaubourg Gallery, France
Willy d’Huysser Gallery, Belgique
Aspect of Korean Contemporary Art in the 1990s, Tokyo National Museum of Modern art
Osaka National Museum of Modern art
International Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan
Bellefroid Gallery, France
Espace Artsenal, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
Bateau-Lavoir Gallery, France
Europe Factory, Center for Contemporary Art, France

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
Seoul City Art Museum, Korea
Busan City Art Museum, Korea
Daegu City Art Museum, Korea